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Microbial Interaction Network Database is a depository of the microbial networks collected from scentific literature, produced by MIND pipeline, or submitted by the community. MIND-Web is a flexible single page application (SPA) for the integrative analysis of the different types of microbial interaction network. The platform provides convenient functions to query and walk through the integrated interactions of microbes of interest, as well as integrative and comparative analysis of microbial networks from different studies.


Individual networks can be directly downloaded in MIND-Web

Batch download will coming soon...

User Manual


MIND json file:
Drag&drop one or more files to the network panel, or load the file(s) using the menu File-->Open.... The files can be any formats supported by the platform, including MIND data JSON format, as well as MIND worksapce JSON format that stores all the information of the workspace.
Microbe of interest:
Enter the name or taxonomy ID in the search box of the Toolbox. For the node already shown in the network, double-clicking will alos query its interactions.

Mar 18, 2021
Apr 20, 2020
11:26 AM

Add filters:
  • Soile microbiome
  • Negative/positive links
Nov 2, 2019
8:18 PM

Release of MIND 1.0, with:
  • Unod/redo
  • Analysis automation
  • Lots more...
Aug 29, 2019
1:23 PM

Aug 8, 2019
11:53 AM

Added network of ocean microbiome
May 2, 2019
1:18 PM

Integration of HOMD
Apr 18, 2019
1:15 PM

undo/redo ...
Mar 7, 2019
Jan 10, 2019
12:38 PM

URl link, auto-complete for context, data exort...
Apr 10, 2017
10:53 AM

Build the framework of responsive UI
Mar 17, 2017
11:13 PM

  • habitat filtering
  • context loading
Feb 27, 2017
11:12 AM

  • Interaction searching with name autocompletion. Copy/paste of multiple names is supported
  • Move the network using mouse dragging, and zoom in/out using mouse wheel
  • Mouse-over the node to show the name of the node
  • Clear button to remove the network